/adj./ brought back to life or activity.

Our  jewelry pieces from 《 reborn collection 》 are manufactured by the teenagers rescued from the streets in Cambodia. All the jewelry is made from landmine and bomb shell metal, placed by different governments and factions during the Civil War in Cambodia in the 1970s and 1980s. The metal is recycled and endowed with a new meaning ’’War can't kill love. Love can kill war.’’



Cambodia has a lengthy silk-weaving history that stretches back to pre-Angkorian times. PSYKHME collaborates with the local residents. Through design, we combine ancient craftsmanship with modern jewelry. 

Natural Material 

We also use silk fabric which is handmade by local family in Koh Dach island and recycled coconut shell to create our jewelry. In this way we maintain the tranditional handicraft and fulfill the goal of sustainability.