Psykhe is a personification of the human soul and beauty in greek mythology. Khmer refers to people who live in Cambodia, the language they use and the culture they developed. Those two words are combined to form our brand, PSYKHME.
In every piece of our jewelry is a pure and wonderful soul; We'd like to pass its warmth forward through our handmade jewelry.


Not only do accessories add to your overall look, they also represent your personal style. The concepts of our designers are brought to life with stunning, eye catching results and personal warmth. In today's world of trend chasing, it's easy to forget that behind each shiny accessory are their creator's blood sweat and tears. We always keep this idea in mind, in the hopes of making a relationship, based on fairness, between the producer's of the accessories and their consumers.

We are constantly considering every possible way in which we can combine fashion and fair trade values. Can we protect the rights of those who produce our accessories, while producing beautiful accessories, which evoke a warmth of spirit? The answer is yes.

Via "Education for the Future" a non-profit group we are striving to meet these fair trade ideals. We want to help the less fortunate get a fair chance at work, protection, education and a stable environment. We also hope that the ideals of fair trade will continue to spread to more places. We thank each and every one of our supporters and welcome your advice and input, as every encouragement is a treasure to us, and our motivation.

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